VisualTCPIPRouter 1.0

Modifiy the network routing table in a visual manner
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Visual TCP/IP Router is a small program that will help you to modify the network routing table. You can add new routes or delete existing ones, using a simple user interface, what is easier that throwing commands over the command line.
Changes are applied immediately, so you can test them right away, but not from within the program.
When starting the program, you will see a list of your available network interfaces, and the persistent routes registered. You can change from persistent to active routes by clicking over the corresponding tab. Over the right side, you will see your current IP configuration and the controls to add new routes, specifying the traditional parameters: Interface, IP address, network mask, metric, and the possibility to make it persistent or not.
To delete an existing route, just click over it and press the "delete button", or right-click over the route and select "delete" from the context menu (you can copy route info to clipboard too).
The only drawback I see is the "stack overflow" error when adding a new route, modifying the network mask. Program throws an error and unexpectedly closes.
It works just for Windows.

Review summary


  • Small download. Free


  • Just for advanced users. Buggy
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